Brand Banditry

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Don’t care much for Apple, now there’s a different thought!
Don’t care much for Nike, I’ve done it, more than once, 
still doing whatever IT is.
Don’t care much for Beats, though, I’m sure my heart does
Don’t care much for Milk, I don’t get it
Don’t care much for Bud or Bayer, and wiser for it
Don’t care much for Coke, really, it’s not the real thing

Don’t care much for De Beers, nothing lasts forever 
Don’t care much for a L’Oreal, I’m worth it ANYway
Don’t care much for Dove, I am my beautiful self without a bar of soap
Don’t care much for Redbull, never found those wings
Sure gives Absolut & Smirnoff a kick.

Snap, Crackle, Pop don’t care much for Kellogg’s either. 
They need to got milk.

A Mars bar will only go so far before someone at Starbucks Snickers over a Jamba Juice. 
I’ll stick to real butter thanks. I can’t believe in anything else.

Why yes, there’s more….

Why don’t you take the floor, Captain Crunch

But remember this:

Nothing trumps Covfefe — the most original brand of the new orange kool aid. 
The best ever.

It’s making America — — — (again)?

Feel free to join in this light hearted brand banditry and add your own cribs. Or maybe don’t.

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