How is Melania Trump’s New York Post Cover Okay?
Ezinne Ukoha

Consequences are not a theme in politics and propaganda. The spin doctors are spinning to turn tricks. They say and do whatever is necessary IN THE MOMENT and, by any and all means necessary to divert and avert the attention of the public who are ALL having screaming tantrums like 5 year olds who aren’t allowed to go play outside (ever).

Can ANYONE hear above the chaos. No. Does it matter how anything is right or wrong anymore? If something is right for one, it’s totally wrong for another.

You care, another does not. Both sides are shouting at the top of their voices. So? Who should be heard first? Who can be heard first? No one actually. It’s all noise. All designed to create more noise and discord. In our discord they will find rhyme and reason. We will shout again. We are in a holding pattern and the pilots are being given directives from a control tower that decides when, where and how. As a passenger one can do nothing except ask for more nuts, only to be told “we are in a holding pattern the nuts are finished and we don’t know when we will be allowed to land.” If you stand up and make a “fuss”, other passengers will either join you or protest at your disruption. You’ll be a hero(ine) or a criminal on landing. Everything is up in the air when and where the chips fall maybe we will have an answer.

Chances are we won’t like the answer. Cycle. Politics calls for and demands measured collateral damage. There’s always the fall person(s). It’s a game and it must be won. Spectators watch, whether they like it or not is not a consideration that the players make. (Obviously).

They cheat and lie and manipulate the “rules”, and justify it by pointing and saying “no fair she/he did that too!”.

We need to learn how to call a bluff.

Poker anyone?

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