Abstract! Ha.
Charles Harry Mackenzie

Dear Charles,

You have reached out and as I lean in and as has Jules our hands clasp among the veins of the internet- making none of us beggars, because, I maintain that an outstretched hand in arm is always a giving gesture, even as it appears to be something else; when the hands are received to each other and connect, the universal law of reciprocity is honored and respected with grace. Showing, feeling Vulnerability is strength beyond brave.

When you go full circle and arrive back at the beginning, the answers left behind are found smiling quite cheekily.

Take your great courage and, with two other virtual hands at your beckoning to clasp as and when you will, be on your path to what you will have sought.

May Lightness, enlightenment and humour be your companions upon your journey.

Be like water.


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