Extra Small

Wear Medium Anyway

I joined Medium in December 2015. I wish I remembered how I had stumbled across it. Until then, I had never heard of Medium. If I take a shot in the dark, I would cajole a moment I was google bored, looking for a place to post my thoughts and writs. The Twatter and The Facerag, and other word presses, not my saucers of preferred milk. (Meow). Facerag booted me. Something about my name. Whatever charity child.

Why, one might ask would I want to post my thoughts and writs? Because, what I have to say is bloody important.

Everyone around me, that would be “my peeps” language unknown, have already heard so much musing, they might no longer be amused, and may well retort to the grade school “la-la-la-la-la-la-la”.

So, with an impending loss of my peeps attention, I internet booted and suited looking for someones on the iHighway, who might concur, and confer or better still, not concur and still confer with my (a)musings.

Medium was found, and at the time of this writing in the year of no lord 0126, I have blathered EXACTLY 582 times mostly commentary, this one will make it 583. I follow 277 and am followed by 164, 5 of whom are entities, not people and 2 of whom have their profiles in Cyrillic and Japanese.

It is AMAZING to me that 159 people, 2 of whom write in symbols, have read what I write and think it worth it to follow me, and,

I am not great,

I have my guides,

I got myself into This Glorious Mess,

and I have submitted to Crossing Genres to have

Sobremesa: conversations,

while afraid of becoming prophetic, I un-submitted from the Hacker Daily

because, I am in the Blue Haze & IF

I focus I will get around to the Weekly Knob

and, rest assured that Curiosity Never Killed The Writer.

I forgot that The Creative Cafe wanted

Something EARTH SHATTERING from me

I am burning,


Will I act and stop burning?

In the last few days, I have felt stifled and suffocated by what is in my medium feed. The people and tags I follow do not trickle into my “feed”, I get fed other mediumotic (to me anyway), stuff I did not ask for.

I asked for bread and I am getting stones.

I am a Fool

God did not answer

It’s got nothing to do with the people that I follow- they are great, it’s got all to do with something to do with an algo, that doesn’t jive.

I am getting bored to the point of consternation. Why should I have to keep scouring when the “taaags” should do that properly, feed and nourish me properly.

It’s dark

The other thing that irritates me is the prophetic nature of “followed”. Those who have achieved Prophet status mainly write to feed the following. There is no time for small talk and responding to readers comments. The Prophets deliver messages that followers can only accept. Engagement with these prophets is rare and perhaps only takes place when the followers has attained Sage status (almost a prophet). Who knows. It bugs the daylights out of me. Obviously, prophets have a following of magnitude because what they have to say is valuable (in some cases volatile). However, they are too big now to engage one-to-one(?). Ev forbid a medium-er dissents and disrupts. Blockage. Rude. Ungracious.

Still, I wonder is there only serious? Graciously can I accept some light?

I like the little corners I have found- I want to know how to find other nooks and crannies, (un)-delights to tantalise even enrage, rather than fatten up on same ol’ same ol’.

The search bicycle for finding them is exhausting.

I am extra small and Medium isn’t tailoring like most “designer labels” do. Bollocks. I am traipsing around in a Medium, wearing it like an oversized cable knit sweater knitted by grandpa. I suppose, I might grow into it, but that would make me a fat cat. I would then have to pretend to give away all MY hard earned cash. Boo-hoo!

So, if I will not grow into it, I will flow with it and say that I found a corner for (a)musings.

Extra Small here, saying thanks to R.Dinasky, @H.Nemesis Nyx, alto, Jules, Gutbloom, Charles Frank, john seeker, Tremaine L. Loadholt, Old Git, Dave Grigger, Mike Essig, A McEnnis, S Lynn Knight, Sean Howard, Guz Puz, and a whole lot more of you wearing Medium*, although alto, you are a good prophet without religion- you respond and challenge and give latitude and attitude as required.

*If I mention all of you, because I “found you” and liked you, I would be sagely propheteering- that is an engineered growth hack that I would be remiss to follow. I follow 281 of you. (Imagine if I spent a whole day just to mine followers and then @ THEM). Jokes. Good idea for the smalls and prophets of medium no?

Thanks Medium for being too big for me, no thanks Ev Williams for blocking the way for humanity to redeem itself. So much for:

Freedom of what now? Big bully. Paperback writers print it in green.

Namaste to Tim Barrus for unwittingly, swiftly, deftly, and rudely kicking me back onto this planet. It has been an INCREDIBLE short journey back to a “”reality”” that I had selfishly chosen to depart from. Wearing an oversize has been worth it, if only to encounter Tim and Smash Street Boys. Stardust has it’s way. Things collide and I acknowledge AGAIN that the world is not driven by cars. Keep kicking you say, I say #same. And while it isn’t about ME or YOU, it is what it is. Am I yelling again?

I also YELL this: