Old Git

From what I understand (through my reading and research) is that the original or true religions, did not create the sexism and misogyny that we are seeing in “modern” religion. Unfortunately today all the people of the cloth and many of the book are squarely to blame for creating such an ugly and ungodly state of being, not only from the male-female angle, but from EVERY angle that we encounter where there is misery. Suffering is what the religions seem to require as a precursor to belief. Women suffer more, just because? something to do with a darned apple and a serpent. Don’t know what excuse the other religions have.

I have never thought about how a feminist can be religious or follow any of the modern religions. Maybe they don’t, or maybe there’s a feminist Book somewhere.

- I’m someone who believes that both men and women have sacredness and both need to be respected. That’s it, that’s the bottom line. The respect has to be reciprocal. The dance requires two, we may step on each other’s toes to begin, but given practice, and learning how the other moves and feels and so on, we learn how to dance without stepping on toes and that becomes quite delightfully enjoyable.

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