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I am so glad you wrote this piece. Masculinity has been neglected and even denatured by our current social trends. There has been a disconnect between masculine and feminine for far too long. Masculinity is sacred and so is feminine, everyone has just forgotten that inside we are all alike. We hurt the same, we feel happy the same, we feel love and all other emotions the same way. Not up for debate. Men putting men down, women putting women down and so on and so forth. What’s it all about? Women afraid to be feminine, men afraid of being masculine. No, masculine does not mean your a macho, chauvinistic, self-absorbed prat, and feminine does not mean you’re a lipstick stiletto big hair tart. We all know what both words mean, yet for some reason beyond me, men and women are enemies and thus, masculine and feminine.

Too much focus is put on the anatomy while the main focus should be on a meeting of heart and mind.

What is at risk here is that we are or have lost the very nature of who we are as masculine and feminine. We must exist in balance it is the natural order of things. Unfortunately, supporting either side of this gender “war”creates more issues. As a woman, who cherishes her femininity (feminism isn’t the same thing), I am saddened that masculinity in its purest sense is being marginalized and re-invented to the detriment of what is masculine. I am also sad that as a man you feel the way that you do- it just isn’t proper.

The feminist movement came about to empower women, and made powerful changes to enable women. How is it that the same movement has moved in a way that men are made to feel wrong for just being men? Doesn’t really make sense.

We are all nurturers and we all want the same thing, man or woman. Well at least that’s what I would think. But who knows anymore.

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