calling yourself a feminist, embracing it — allows you to define the scope and focus of your fight, too.
The Happy Feminist Manifesto
Giulia Blasi

..I just want to be called by my name, not called or call myself by a word that can be so loaded that I am IMMEDIATELY misunderstood, or for that matter understood. It does not work so well. Thank-goodness Feminist wasn’t in the book of baby names. Pink is my least favourite colour, I used to dye my ballet shoes, much to the chagrin of Madame Zirkovitz (Bless her). I don’t quite like the “bad-ass” description for anyone. What does it actually mean? As fate would have it, my son all of 6 years old, said out of the blue, “Hey my Bab” referring to me. I asked “My Bab? what’s that mean?”

Bad Ass Ballerina”

“Why am I a Bab?”

“Because ballet is really hard to do, and you used to do it a lot”

“Well, yes it is hard, and takes a lot of strength and practice”

“Do boys do ballet?’

“Yes they do, you know that, you have watched boys do ballet haven’t you?”



“OK, you are my Bab”

“OK, you are my Babs”

“What’s Babs”

“Bad ass ballerina’s son”

Big Smile.

“I’m Babs!, I’m Babs!, thanks mama, Ma Bab, I made cookies at school today.”

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