Bah-ha! You hurt me bad with that stuff.
H. Nemesis Nyx

I know the fire that is inside you! Hot and ready to strike. Believe me it settles, it does, and when it does, it’s tempered and brought to red hot embers, it takes more than a few twigs to crackle it back up. The beautiful thing is it can still flare on particular command. I’m an older hand at the fire, I GET IT! So blaze on, but remember it can burn hard and bad even when you don’t mean it. And YES! I am so so so delighted that you took time, and, thought to bring the blazes down on the thread that started all this, which by now may be lost in the embers of the medium- not entirely a bad thing altogether. 🖖🏼

For some reason that song by Nina Simone is blaring from my insides. Know which one?

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