Thank you, Ayesha, for prompting me to get that story out of my noggin where it has been sitting…
White Feather

I must admit I don’t think I promoted you… I said I adored your name (but memory has failed me before), I think Aura Wilming said go for the doorknob! 😄 and I’m glad she did!

I have a special place in my heart for white feathers. So many, many times when I’ve lifted my head from some worldly heaviness, a sweet, soft fluffy white feather has settled itself in my space. (No feather pillows anywhere near me or mine — mind you). The last one I found about a year ago was inside my wallet!

Now maybe the next prompt should be “white feathers and other sweet fluff” Aura Wilming ?

AND WAIT! THIS second my 6 year old has just presented me with a soft pale blue feather!


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