I am not full of hate because I am angry. On the contrary, I am full of love.
Battle Hymn of the Angry Feminist
Mirah Curzer

If I had a penny for every time someone said “Why are you so angry at the world, you’ve got everything you want and need, you shouldn’t have a gripe.”

Your anger won’t change anything.

My answer is: “It’s because I care, (moron), it’s because anger is a shade of love”.

That said I do despise many things, and I hold in greatest of contempt, politics, religion, corporations and the human capacity for utter stupidity. Yes, I’m angry too, angry enough to say I’m angry and let me be so, because complacency and acceptance will kill me.

I decided to take my anger and channel it into something that will make a change. My pet anger is that I’m aware that there aren’t many kids growing up today who know where food comes from, how it’s grown and tended, and what it means to know how to grow food. I’ve taken on a project to enable women living in urban slums to move back to the rural areas and grow food, for themselves and for their communities and for earning a living, and while doing so, their children will also learn. Long story short, in the making.

Anger is required and yes, if injustices and stupidity don’t make us angry, then I agree, there’s something very wrong with all of us as an allegedly sentient species.

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