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If mountains could be moved, would they be moved?

The truth is being told from Appalachia and it’s falling on many ears, that are still attached to the heads of people whose brains haven’t quite fallen out yet. The truth doesn’t always bring UNDERSTANDING, however, it does bring a value that you have, quite often, artfully and poetically posited upon the “normals”. Understanding is not always necessary to bring a revolt against what is indelibly wrong.

Perhaps it will not be you, but through you, that the rolling thunder that YOU all create through “Show me..” demands an uprising. Perhaps my naïveté is misplaced. Perhaps there is far far far more than meets the eye in the extreme struggles for survival. There is the objective of telling the “normal world” that the extreme struggles are unacceptable and inequitable beyond the wildest of any fiction. You roll the cameras, you tell your stories. Sound, light, action, art. You shatter the silence from where you are despite working at odds every solitary moment. Survival. Yes. Making it matter.

Speaking of normal, there is no such thing as normal. There are the blind, the mute, the deaf, the dense and then there are variations of the same in lesser degrees. No one can claim to know it all or have all the answers because there is no prophetic crystal ball. We know only what we know through our own “living to survive” having the grit to consider and act even, on what goes on beyond are bubbles of “normal” is how we believe we can know more of what we do not know. Before I came across Tim Barrus I did not know many things. It matters. It’s not wrong and it’s not right either. It is. Here. Now. A horse is brought to water.

There is no question that what it is now is what you say it IS. Moments unfolding, survival at the helm. The question that begs answer is CAN it be that some truths are changed because the facts of circumstance are changed? Survival still rings more dominant, even in Appalachia.

I will keep asking. It matters. I believe that you do not have a mute button, neither do I, in any event for THIS. This is the “noise” that has and carries an unlabeled value. It is not only heard, it is being listened to far beyond the medium pen.


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