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It’s a strange world we live/have inherited, men and boys not “allowed” to cry and girls and “proper ladies” shouldn’t laugh out loud in public and around certain company. My great grandma used to be baffled when I laughed and showed my teeth. It was so funny to me, to see her flummoxed. She ended up laughing too, and said I was a minx for making her show HER teeth!

She simply said, “ah small one, times have changed. Laugh at everything”.

To my brother she said, and you- you keep crying if you must, you are a gentle soul. He would promptly weep just being told he was a gentle soul!

Cry cry cry, laugh laugh laugh. There’s still a whole lot of life left to do so.

I’m so sorry for all you have endured and all that still hurts you.

Our H. Nemesis Nyx here is a fortress of strength and support, and I am with her on this.

Pol Reney Onward and Upward we go!

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