You are equating gender identity with sexual attraction.
Sherry Caris

Let me pipe in here uninvited as it may be. The intention is not to be rude.

I believe that what A. McEnnis is trying to get across here is that EVERYONES comfort, even those who haven’t actually dared to voice a “FEELING” are as valid as any other AS LONG as the baseline of our moral fabrics are maintained. A feeling DOES not morph into a dogmatic opinion.

Yes, there will be shaded areas, areas we aren’t comfortable with. But that doesn’t mean we throw the baby out with the bath water.

It doesn’t MATTER whose daughters ARE or AREN’T comfortable around human any gender nakedness in public areas. (You want to ask the girls kidnapped by Boko haram what they might think)? Probably not. This isn’t a culturally sensitive debate is it? Or is it?

There IS NO MORAL HIGH HORSE TO SET ON. There are simple morals that we all CAN and do ADHERE to, just as A. has done. There are some things that are UNACCEPTABLE, and the way I see it, no one here has come close to crossing that line. Heck. What do I know. It’s all fumble-bumble.

I also understand what A may be trying to put out here is that there are subtleties that differentiate us, make us individuals (which last I checked was ok, but now I don’t know to be completely honest)That those nuances, are not being considered, let alone respected. It’s not in ABSOLUTES that these issues can be addressed, and trying to make out like ANYONE is a better person or worse person for calling out on a feeling/issue/thought is just plain myopic if not blatantly preposterous.

There is no point in arguing if minds are absolutely made up. If every slight to the fragile paradigms we devise to stoke our egos ends up with hair-raising, hair splitting dissection, we will remain voiceless loud mouths on medium and that’s it.

Finally, it doesn’t matter, because changing a mind for the sake of it, doesn’t change behavior, and the point of argument in a case like this is to understand the feelings and the cultural backdrops, etc etc, and from there move to change societal behavior and attitudes as a WHOLE, for the BETTER and for the aggregate, greatest good. That is when we can say we have achieved something of value.

I leave this discussion now- respectfully and in peace.

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