A Story of a Fuck Off Fund
Paulette Perhach

Make FOF- “#Free Of Fear “

UNICEF’s Appeal To Humanity To End The Suffering

@Paulette Perhach

Dear Paulette,

You have struck a chord in so many with your story of a FOF. All for a good cause and in a positive way. The piece went viral and wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage that with this idea:

Could you take this original FOF, and transform it to also mean Free Of Fear and urge your readers to hit the “heart” button on the UNICEF article which calls for our help to end the suffering? If the suffering ends, the fear can end, when people are Free of Fear, the *uck off fund can also come into play because people will be enabled and hopefully empowered to live a life that we all to often take for granted. Here’s to all the good FOF’s emerging out there.

Thank-you for writing the inspiring FOF article. I believe that it will make a difference to all who lay eyes on it.


Hit The Heart Button at this link : https://medium.com/@UNICEF/an-appeal-to-end-the-suffering-in-syria-44d803e494b#.ykn5x68vt and, share with your social network. You are invited to “sign” the appeal simply by liking, sharing, and retweeting it.”