Not My President, Not My Feed

Words- Not A Poem, Not An Essay, Not Fiction. Undefined.

Talking Yam — another name for the creature who is NOT my President. The term was used by genius Allan Ishac in this piece which thankfully came through my feed, hence, making me feel hopeful that I am not entirely lost to the Medium.

Stunned. On a daily basis at least 11 times. 
That non presidential character wastes characters.
and creates fracas. Plonker.

Nothing seems to put a dent in that old git, nothing.
Zero expectations.
Hope for the best, expect the worst.

I re-iterate, NOT MY PRESIDENT.
I doubt I can be held responsible 
for his place in office.
If I WERE accountable-
Believe you me- heads would have rolled 
rolled- rolled.
Talking Heads, I like that band.

I remain stunned. Daily. At least 11 times.

My medium feed-
Now this is another Mess of note. 
The content is akin to rummaging through
a recycle, reuse, bin with
little worth salvaging.
I am all for saving the planet, 
but this-
this is ridiculous.
iAm sensitive that way.

TAGS? Tags you say. 
How is old, used stuff
presented as “new”?
Is projected 
vomit now on the all fresh 
food group chart?

Yes. Yes. All subjective. 
But seriously- 
who with a straight face 
can say
they enjoy a little vomit?

That said
CAN I be held accountable 
for the quality of my feed?
Now there’s a port-manteau 
all shiny and new.

I spent a lot of time tailoring my feed.
Waste of time I tell you.
A land-fill of emetic rogue writing.

More like face punch to self.
The idea?
Follow tags and sentients.
As tailored as it gets apparently.
My feed fits like an old flour sack.

To my feed (NOT my feed) 
I audibly say, far too often-
@ least 11 times. Daily.

“You ARE joking?
“Meh, meh, meh”
“Wah wah wah” 
“Whinge whinge whinge”
“What a load of <talking yam-mer>”
“Get over yourself”
“PLEASE! ‘splain on twitter - I know it only allows 140 characters. That’s the point.”
“yuck-someone,on knob-central (FB)- will care-”
“oh clap off”
“aren’t you a sharp tool”
“Roget, merriam, webster and oxford not awake today?”
“How far up does your head actually go?”
“Ok- forget this.”

End note:
Almost every piece I have enjoyed (and there are many), I have mined OFF the feed. That’s a lot of work (boo-hoo)- I know.
Honestly though. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Someone tell me I am doing it wrong. 
Dare. Double Dare.
I like being wrong once in a while.

Medium my medium
please read your crystal ball properly 
using MY vibes.
Not yours. It’s selfish.