I rather have peace that someone is watching all the communications and keeping us safe than no one is watching any one of us it’s a Wild West — anyone can collaborate to harm anyone or group.
I think this question of whether government can be trusted with a ‘backdoor’ key will is worth a…
Ram Gangisetty

SAFE? From what? We are unsafe because governments exist. BECAUSE of a few unhumans in “leadership” positions who will jump in and out of bed with whomever gives them the best time. Power, money, greed, EGO. No one is safe when these mighty EGOS are running the show. Who are we kidding? Do you truly trust Apple, Google et al? Just because “they say” “oh we aren’t going to do this or that”. Truth is we don’t know. We don’t know what we don’t know and therefore we cannot believe we are “safe” or “safer” on account of anything corporations or governments say.

Do you/we really have a CHOICE? The choice would be to not have a digital footprint ever. Impossible at this stage of the game. It is naïve to suggest that you may feel safer because someone is watching all the communications. What we should be worrying about is what IS NOT being watched. What is not being watched is the well-being of humanity. Think about the consequences and impact of THAT. To me it’s scarier than what we are encountering now.

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