A “bot” is a fake Medium account set up by parties unknown for purposes yet to be discovered.
Jack Preston King

Surely it can’t be that Medium is faking accounts- I mean anyone looking to buy them out would have an army of DD leaders to sniff out the anomalies. There’s something else going on- some Roboman taking the *iss, just for kicks. Maybe Medium isn’t as giant as it has us believe it is and we are really it- I mean “we the active” So many times if a medium article is seen outside of medium and a person who isn’t of Medium wants to read it they will find themselves on a page which “forces” them to sign up to read it. They don’t have to sign up to read it, but that isn’t made clear at all. During the sign up process Medium suggests all the tags and people they should follow. In for a penny in for a pound. Maybe. Who knows. It’s conjecture at best.

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