Spin it any way you like, you cannot blame minorities for your inability to control your fear.
If Black People had murdered, lynched, terrorized, tortured, raped, broken up white families for…
Thaddeus Howze

Thank-you Mr. Howze,

I adore your first name by the way, Thaddeus.

The hatred is a relative of the big Fear that you mention. Fear is so rampant it can be smelled across borders and oceans even in outer space (that fear has even driven humans to look for new homes outside of earth mother) and, fear is yet another relative of mistrust.

Mistrust seems to be a vestige of the pre and post colonisation eras of the ones who have been the oppressors. We might fool ourselves into believing that we live in a declarative post-colonial era; however neither oppression nor the hard-wiring of colonialism, has been eradicated. Not in the USA, not in Africa, not anywhere. Some hybrid of colonisation exists, and exists NOT to create harmony, or exchange in fair trade, or in respect or honour of “sov·er·eign·ty”, it exists to impose sanctions and to rob with malfeasance natural resources and human rights from the most vulnerable and from minorities.

The irony is that the “majority” are actually the minorities and yet, the majority of the power is in the hands of a “minority”.

The mistrust and the hatred in this discussion (and many others) is a projection (even unwittingly) by the offspring of the colonists, the then oppressed, and by design became the oppressors out of fear.

Fear of losing that which they “fought” so hard for (independence, sov·er·eign·ty etc), and that fear and mistrust is seen in the upholding of all the ugliest -isms the world has ever seen. The foundation of colonialism is rooted in “divide and rule” and, then take and switch sides,(minority, majority) manipulate and fabricate to suit every whim of malignant power-mongering.

Fear is at an all time high as loud minority voices are raised, in a plea for equal human rights. The voices, the actions, are NOT being LISTENED to. They are being silenced and killed by the system.

When there is no way, there’s still a way (as you so eloquently said Thaddeus).

That projection is like a sweeper that continuously tries to remove the voice and power of minorities and the marginalised, globally.

The hypocrisy is nowhere more apparent than in USA not only as it relates to race, but to every existing and non-existent -ism and phobia. America is a false advertiser and much of the world had taken it’s “charms” and whims at face value. Time has told, and the rest of the world now looks upon the mighty USA as a fraudster. Will it redeem itself from itself? The citizenry weep, in fear, the leaders, whip- re-enslaved we are shackled to a global system of checks and balances, that is at its very core corrupt and devoid of humanity. The question of hate at every level of pride and prejudice is a mathematical reciprocal or the multiplicative inverse, unless we are dealing with balance zero, and quite clearly — we are far from balance zero.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”?

I end my commentary to address those who will pipe up (and have done so), and moan very specifically “but not all white people hate black people”

No one is saying — implicitly or explicitly that “ ALL white people, hate ALL black people”. Our world operates on the gross liberties of GENERALISATION, sweeping statements and blanket actions. If it did not, there would not be these gross inequalities and gross acts against humanity to even discuss, let alone address. If you are whining about being generalised and lumped together with “haters”, (even to yourself if not in public), obviously your conscience is troubling you. Say nothing or something of value, stand up and stand out to SHOW the solidarity you claim to espouse. Your feelings are hurt by being “lumped” with x, y, z? So sorry dearborn; but no. That response is ego and pride, not a valid response to actions and systems that are contemptuous toward colour, race, gender, creed. Unless you are a squid, skink, or icefish, the blood that runs in the veins of all sentient beings is red. The oppressed do not care much about bruised feelings-or lump sum. All people of colour are lumped together, what of that? We are not all thugs or terrorists, yet at airports, on the streets, at the shops, on the planes, at the stop lights, at border controls, at ticket counters, in the cinema houses, people of colour hold their breath with the thought “will I be ok today”. What is cared about is having the same human rights as the next human. Why is that so difficult to grasp?

LOOK again at the picture that was posted in this piece, watch the video, PUT it in CONTEXT excluding yourself from the equation.

Then come back to respond with something of value (that means, something that will enrich and have a positive effect with a cursor and call for change, rather than cribbing).

If you dare, SHOW it, the CARE for HUMAN equality. No, you have not tried, especially if you ask a defensive or accusatory question, if you have, you’ve failed. Try again. Be human for GOOD-NESS sake, not your own sake.


I am not white, I am not black. I was born this way in an area of grey, red hot blood in my veins.