“It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the…
Jeffrey Field

To: Sir

From: Cheeky Student

Dear Sir,

I received my grade earlier than expected. Thank-you. In order to gain from the wisdom delivered in the grade assigned, I reflected in reference to my head-notes from a time before. Alas, my head-notes have faded. Not entirely flummoxed, I took further references than the ones provided to achieve a fuller clarity, one which my constitution would be satisfied with.

A gift from Apollo is one that I would accept graciously given that in being cheeky [The time for]The Lobster was unwittingly hidden by the pursuit of Shantaram. I can sacrifice chronos and would accept being sent back to my room, if Sir pleases.

The Lobster, promises to be a superb viewing opportunity, I am sure that kairos will master another matinee.

With Love,

Cheeky Student

Ancora Imparo

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