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< Unwittingly watching Glee with son 6 yrs>

boy singing song to boy: “…don’t let me close one more door, I don’t wanna hurt anymore, just stay in my arms, if you dare….or must I imagine you there, don’t walk away from me….”

KK: “Are those boys in love with each other?”

Mama: “Yes. Yes. They sure are”

KK: “Why is the other guy being mean to the one who is singing the song”?

Mama: “His feelings are hurt”

KK: “ ACH! What’s WRONG, with people!?”


KK: “Do you like people”?


Mama: “That’s a deep question”


KK: “What’s WRONG with YOU?


KK: “OK FINE. Do you like GLEE?”

Mama: “Yes. Yes I do like glee.”

KK: “What is THAT, anyway?”

Mama: “It’s intense (very very very) happy”

KK: “So why is the show called Glee if those boys are not happy? What’s WRONG with people?”


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