SUN token is the means of payment, is the Killer App

Time is money! But you can not buy it. Time is the only currency you can not buy and hold. You can not save or deposit it, sell it or fake it. You can not cheat time. We grow older, eventually die, our bodies deteriorate: as does everything in nature that is made of atoms. Matter decays. Time is a cruel force.

The only time resistant form is DATA. Information and data can survive time‘s curse. Time can ruin a temple, but the data about that temple can…

We are living in a technologically advanced era, the 21st century. In the last hundred years we managed to achieve unbelievable technological progress and have dramatically improved the standard of living as well as our understanding of science, the cosmos and the planet that we inhabit. As well as this, our awareness of basic human rights and moral aspects have improved. It was only a few hundred years ago that human slavery was a common thing and widely accepted. …

Once there was a wise man (or a group of people), called Satoshi Nakamoto. He/they invented a blockchain, a decentralized public ledger for all transactions on the network, as an effort to fight the recklessness of financial regulators, institutions and greedy bankers. Everything else is history.

It would be very interesting to hear his/their opinion on today’s situation with the crypto currency world as a result of his/their invention. Did he/they expect such an outcome? Would he/they do it again if he/they knew what it would lead to.

As always in the history of great and honest ideas, this one…

Sun Token Ecosystem

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