HCDE 498 A1

Prototype for Apple Watch Application


In my Smart Watch Application, I want to design a personal finance application based on Apple Watch. Users can synchronize their accounts to Mint, or other 3rd party application from their iPhone or Android so that users can get the latest notification from their bank account and summary expenses in the first time. In order to have a better understanding of the personal finance function, I used iPhone version Mint and wrote down some important elements that I want to design on my Apple Smart Watch.

Design Material

  • Hard paper cover (Amazon package)
  • 3M double-sided tape
  • Letter Paper
  • Color Pen
  • Sketch Book
  • Ruler

Design Blog

1. Design

Before I start t design the application, I took a look at Mint iPhone App and Apple Pay. Mint is one of the most famous personal finance application in America and it contains important elements that can give me inspirations when I do my own personal finance watch application. Apple Pay is the first finance App that Apple installed in its smart watch. Overviewing these two App design can help me a lot when I design personal finance smartphone app. From the two design, I summarized the important elements that I need to concerned in my design.

  1. Update: the latest notification of users’ expenses in a day
  2. Overview: summary of users’ banks account (including the total summary and simple data visualization of users’ expenses)
  3. Setting: users’ accounts editor (let users add or delete their bank accounts)
  4. Notification: telling the important messages to users such as time to transfer credit card balance; strange unclear payment; large unusual cost.

Based on the summary, here is the first prototype that I drew on my sketchbook

2. Prototype

After I finished the first sketch version, I gave my sketch to my friends to see if they can understand the meaning of each UI. Here is the ideas that they gave me.

Idea from my friend

Based on the idea and my sketch, I start to create the prototype with my design materials. Here are pictures of my final design version.


3. Analysis — Usability testing

My roommate helped me to do the usability testing and we found there are lots of difference between smart watch and smart phone application.

Usability Testing
  1. Because of the screen’s size limitation, we cannot have give all information on the smart watch, instead of that we should only give some important notification.
  2. The word size on smart watch should be larger than the word size on iPhone.
  3. Don’t put too much buttons on smart watch app, simple is everything!

In general, he said that smart watch application has too much function with too much details. For example, in “Overview” page, it contains lots of detailed data visualization. In his opinion, he may only want the pie chart visualization page.

Moreover, he wanted to learn more about finger gesture on smart watch. Thus, I added some basic gesture that I want to use in my designed application.


Video is uploaded on canvas.uw.edu

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