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The prototype I did is a iPhone 5/5S stand for taking demo video or pictures. Before I start my prototype design in Rhino, I searched some iPhone 5/5S stand online. The Google shows that most of iPhone stand is one-piece used by hard-paper or tripod used by mental. In addition to these design, I decide to design a simple and useful iPhone stand using cardboard.

From Google 1

Inspired by the throne in Game of Throne, I want my iPhone stand looks like a throne style, so I design The stand is a chair style. Because my prototype is specific for iPhone 5/5S, I design a groove-and-spur structure shape to fix the iPhone position. Here is my original sketch:

Here is the final version of my prototype:


The most important thing of the model is to stand iPhone and take video. If you want to the iPhone stand to hold the iPhone to take video, the most important thing will be the stability and weighing of the iPhone stand. Therefore, I ask participants to do two tasks:

  1. Use the iPhone stand to take photos
  2. Use the iPhone stand to take a video
Usability Testing

The two tasks are different: when you take photo, your finger should always touch the iPhone and there is a straight force towards the iPhone stand continually. If your iPhone stand is not stable enough, the focus will knock iPhone off the stand. When you take video, the iPhone will stay on the iPhone stand for a long time. If the weighing of the stand does not large enough to hold the iPhone, the iPhone stand will be destroyed.

Before I finished my final version, I had a failure work that did not consider the two factors. After the failure, I reconsider the prototype structure and then redesign the prototype.

Failed work

From the usability testing result, no matter putting iPhone vertical or horizontal, the iPhone stand is stable and strong enough to hold the iPhone 5/5S and you can use that to take photos and videos!

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