HCDE 498 A7

The purpose of this assignment is to practice developing wireframe mockups for prototyping websites. The wireframe prototype is to redesign the UW dub http://dub.washington.edu.

The redesigned website includes following content

  • Announcements: blog or other listing of news and announcements of interest to the community.
  • Directory: listing of faculty, students, affiliates, etc. who are members of the dub community.
  • Calendar: a calendar system for viewing and subscribing to a schedule of dub events (weekly talks, conferences, events, etc.).
  • Seminar: information about the weekly seminar series — schedule, presenters, abstracts, videos, etc.
  • Research: faculty research areas, projects, publications, collaborators, etc.
  • Membership: a members section for dub members (login required) to edit their own information on the site (profile, research, etc.).
  • Social Media: facebook, Google+ and Twitter information about dub


The homepage includes all the information about annoucement, calendar, directory, fauclty, research and social media.

Homepage of dub

Announcement page, blog, news and community

Calendar and Seminar

About us, directory, membership (membership log in only)

Research and projects

Optional social discussion

Usability Evaluation

The project contains six different evaluation tasks:

  1. Find announcement, calendar, about us, research and social media icons on homepage
  2. Click announcement section and go to announcement page, find blog, news, posts and information on this page.
  3. Click calendar and go to calendar page, find weekly talks, conferences, events, etc (dub events)
  4. Click about us and go to about us page, find faculty including professors and students.
  5. Click research project and go to research project page, view specific current researches and projects.
  6. Click social media, view Twitter, Facebook and Google+ information about dub.

reflection analysis

  1. There is no significant difference between members and non-members. Need to add more privileges webpage for members.
  2. The research and projects page is not clear, need more detailed information to introduce each research and project.
  3. There is no “go back homepage” button in each sub-section page.
  4. The footer is good and the header of each site page needs to be same.
  5. The interactive calendar is good but the schedule events can not change when users choose a different date.


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