My Slice of America

A gloomy weather is the perfect weather for some goofy friends

A breathe of fresh air from the natural world is an absolute blessing even in the darkest of days

February 20th, 2017. Presidents day in America, but also a day of nothing other than gloomy weather with heavy showers of rain. The wind breeze was rather soft yet still a bit chilly. After an hour or so of playing some League of Legends together with nonstop laughter and rage, Khun and I decided to take a stroll down the block and some nearby areas for some photos and fresh air. Not a great weather for playing tennis, in fact, the worst ideal condition of weather for playing tennis which makes Khun and I very miserable. However, instead of looking at the day as a dark, dusky, and defeated day, we decided to embrace life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by going outdoors because being alive is the greatest blessing of all.

Khun Myo
Sun Tun

The resemblance of these first two photos are about the differences of each individual in this world. Though we may be similar, we share some different aspects of passions in our own individual lives. My friend Khun used to play a lot of tennis. But now, he does not consider the tennis courts a second home anymore as he does not have much passion left in tennis. Khun is an individual that’s adventurous and courageous who is constantly on the search for new possibilities. He loves to wear sweatpants with a hoodie and T-shirt, and constantly reminds me of his horoscope, Aries. I on the other hand am an Aquarius, and I tend to be more imaginative and cautious. I like wearing the overall casual of shorts with a hoodie and T-shirt. Unlike my friend, the tennis courts are a second home and my passion for tennis is undying and eternal.

Coniferous as can be, the local majestic evergreen giants
Deciduous and decayed, rebirth will happen when spring arrives (little evergreen in the picture)

The next two photos are from the nearby forest that Khun and I explored. One section containing coniferous trees and the other section containing deciduous trees. The trees resemble endurance and patience, two traits that are key for survival in this world. Endurance to withstand the deadliest of what mother nature throws at you and being able to still stand tall at the end of the day. Patience to wait for the right time to reborn and go through the cycle of life once more and be more alive than ever. The natural world has many wonders and mysteries. It just so happens that the giant trees among us are inspirational and incredible for they are ancient and admirable. Deforestation shatters my heart piece by piece as more trees are being cut down each day. Preservation of the natural world is preservation of the ancients that have rooted long before us.

He hates getting his man bun wet…
I’m not such a good climber…

These next two photos are of Khun and I joking around and just doing what we do best as best friends, goof around and let our inner madness loose. These two photos resemble the covalent bonds that are shared between different individuals. Seeing another human being smile I think is perhaps one of the greatest glories to me in my daily life because to know that I am able to make another person smile, relieve them of stress, and increase their life expectancy is a great purpose to be alive. I try to make as many people as I can smile everyday because it’s important to me that they’re enjoying life and not hating it. Taking risks is also one of the greatest glories in my everyday life, and today it just so happened here that some very strong winds actually blew my hat onto a slippery damp tree forcing me to retrieve it. Luckily I trusted Khun to capture this priceless rare moment of me being courageous once in a while as I retrieved my hat without breaking a bone.

Shine bright to compel the darkness because faith comes before fear

Before Khun and I headed back to our apartments, I got this great capture of just when the the lights came on and shined through the night time. This photo right here resembles hope and reassures me that through the darkest of times, I can find hope and happiness just by doing the simplest of things, such as spending time my our friends and family. When I’m older and maybe elderly, I can look back, remember, reminisce, and not regret a single moment of today that went by because I’m happy to be alive, active, and awake. My Slice of America was a very thrilling and fun and fulfilling project. It revealed how bad of a photographer I was, added some more memorable moments to my life, and transcended my perspective of this world. I’m satisfied with the photos I have shared and hope I motivated people to go outside for a while and get some fresh air.

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