Girls in Tech @Seoul, South Korea

I was a girl in tech but now I’m not anymore because my team failed exactly a year later when we had started, so I lost my job. Still, I feel passion for technology, so I joined Girls in Tech held in Facebook Korea Today. (Yes, It’s real new!)

It’s going to be a three-day-program this weekend, and today’s main topic was “Confidence” that all needs to success as an entrepreneur. During the session by Hilary Weber, a CEO of Opportu Startup Innovation, I had to face what makes me feel less confident in my mind and share some of my failure stories that still affect me with a partner. Though all people were strangers, it was OK to share each of embarrassing part because we made the place comfortable and safe for each other. I found that if we avoid facing our weak points, we cannot move forward. It was short but strong, and I’m excited to make a change.

I will share more stories tomorrow for whom not able to join this program. Please wait me!