Assignment 1 Part 2

Film and Sequence

In this assignment I have to take a film and use the technique that the filmmakers are used. The film called “the man with the movie camera” by Dziga vertov encouraged me to use the same technique that he use to make my own film. The technique that he has used is called “a single steadicam sequence shot”. The original video was taken in the Russia. In this video he has taken a shot of people living in the Russia. In his video, he capture a still video without moving and show people movement, architecture, and how people interact with the city.

In my film I have took a shot in the shopping mall and near University of Technology Sydney. I want to show many perspective views. In my video, it shows the busy life of people, having breakfast before work, taking an afternoon break in the café, as well as going home straight after work from a busy day. In this film i have tried to use the same idea as the Dzig vertov.


Vertov, Dziga The Man with the Movie Camera (1929) The original

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