Shift Happens: A Change in Body Image

Earlier this week, I changed my profile photo. I let go of an image I had let represent me for so long.

Sport and fitness provide an incredible opportunity to develop strength and confidence but it’s a dangerous game when one’s identity and value become tied to those achievements and images.

I love that (left side) picture shot by Dave Laus​. I love my body, my make up (thanks Lori Fabrizio​) and the trophy and medal won directly before and after that shoot. But that was close to two years ago now.

Since then, my priorities have changed and my body has softened. And despite all the positive experiences I’ve enjoyed, a part of me has hung onto and still wanted to project — even live up to-that image. It’s a direct contradiction to all that I share about beauty, strength and body image.

The more I grow in genuine confidence and belief, the less concerned I am about judgment and the less pressure I put on myself. And with that, the less need I’ve felt to cling to that particular chapter in my fitness.

When I look at this new (right side) photo so wonderfully captured by Kate Warren​, I don’t see an identity but rather a snapshot of a moment in time. I feel liberated and accepting of a body and a life with less attachment — fluid and full of possibilities.