The List: My 40 Things To Do By 40

I make lists. I’m a Capricorn, it’s what we do. This particular list had been gathering loosely in my mind for months. Then one day back in June, it took shape and I shared the idea with my sister. She chimed in with a burst of enthusiasm and a few clever additions, and voila! The unique medley of curiosities, fancies and fears became my “40 x 40”.

This personal bucket list (though I hesitate to use that term) consists of 40 fitness, food and health-related efforts I aim to complete by my 40th birthday — now two months away. Most actions are either:

⦁ -something I’ve always wanted to try (e.g. pole dancing),

⦁ -something I enjoyed in younger days and want to revisit (e.g. volleyball),

⦁ -something I like and/or benefit from and deliberately want to do more (e.g. massage), or

⦁ -something out of my comfort zone (e.g. being upside down)

I’m not fond of the term bucket list because it perhaps connotes a sense of finality, or even mortality, neither of which are my concern. This whole experience is less about checking off boxes on time and more about adopting a way of life. I don’t know what my 40’s have in store for me, but I know that now, at 39, I’m more aware and assure of myself than ever. I’m intent on beginning the new decade with the confidence to take on challenges, face fears, love myself and keep smiling.

Already, this exercise has revealed some interesting discoveries and insights. I’m having so much fun in the process and welcome the growth, learning and inspiration that comes from it all. And of course, that’s another list in the making!