Earlier this week I wrote about our first test. I thought that I could have done better but I was encouraged that some of the things I used to struggle with, I ended up figuring out.

The rest of the week was not that great. We started learning jQuery and I felt like I was treading water from the beginning. For the first five weeks of the class I have been able to keep up for the most part. I’m not saying I understood everything 100% but I had an idea of what was going on as we worked through code in class. For some reason this week I fell behind from the beginning and I felt like I was playing catchup the whole time. I was constantly looking for errors and just trying to get the code to work. By the time it was all said and done I realized that I was just typing out code just to keep my head above water and meanwhile nothing was soaking in. It’s a tough situation for me because I learn by hearing it and then doing the work hands on but when I fall behind I feel like I’m just typing crap that I don’t understand. I found myself thinking that what Chyld (our instructor) just told us probably was pretty important but I was too focused on looking for a missing semicolon or some other sort of syntax error that I missed what he said. I just need to refocus myself in those situations and listen to what he is saying rather than getting it exactly right on my screen. I can always go back and fix it later.

I feel a little better after being able to look back at it this weekend and also work a project that brushed up on some things that didn’t involve jQuery. This week is a new week and I am determined not to let a bad few days shape the week to come. New slate.

On another note, I discovered a handy app called Dash that allows you to keep documentation sets offline for easy access and searching. Instead of having to have them all bookmarked, the entire library is available to search at one time.

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