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It’s classist to denounce so-called “white people food”? In America, I’m pretty sure it’s BLACK people food that’s borne out of poverty, yet it’s the soul of American cuisine, no pun intended. The same could be said of Jewish American cuisine on the East coast. Don’t pretend otherwise. You know what else is cheap? Mexican street food, which is infinitely more flavorful and sophisticated than most cuisines in the world, let alone suburban America where people are raised to reject the range of flavors and textures provided by such boldly flavored spices and offal cuts (cheapest of the cheap meat protein by the way!).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with mashed potatoes or mayo. Ask the French. The thing is that mainstream American industry (white if you will) has sacrificed the culinary integrity of these foods to maximize volume and mark-up, resulting in the blandest, most uninspired-tasting versions of said foods. Craft beer tastes good, macro lagers are shit, but beer itself is not good or bad, and the fact that beer is widely associated with Caucasians is irrelevant. Get it?

And economics notwithstanding, white America simply doesn’t have nearly as rich a food CULTURE to begin with in comparison to those from which flavor-packed “ethnic” cuisines originate. Walk any street in Bangkok and tell me with a straight face that the average American values the taste of food as much as the average Thai, or that the depth of American food culture has equal gastronomic merit to that of Thai food culture. I dare you. Class has nothing to do with it, rich and poor Thais alike love the same cheap delicious food that’s available to everybody who enjoys eating well regardless of social status.

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