Tips on How to Maintain Car Batteries for Its Longevity

The battery of your car is something that keeps the car going as it is the one that creates electricity for the car. Car batteries contain a mixture of distilled water and sulphuric acid that comes in contact with the lead plates to create the electrical energy for the car. Most car batteries are known to last for five to seven years given the fact that you take good care of them from time to time. Apart from taking your car to the professionals attending to car batteries in Melbourne frequently, here are a few tips that could help you allow the batteries to have a longer life.

Clean the battery terminals as and when you spot acid build-up on them. The acid build-up is the white layer that you are likely to notice and cleaning them with a wire brush would allow the battery to function well.

Ensure that the water levels of the battery are intact. Replacing it with a concoction of sulphuric acid and distilled water would restore it back and allowing it to function just as normal. Checking it once in two or three months would sort the issue.

Opt to disconnect the terminals when not in use. There may be cases when you know that your car would remain idle for an extended period and thus disconnecting it would increase its longevity as it would be free from powering passive electrical devices in the car.
Check the battery case occasionally to ensure that the battery sits well in its designated place. Acid spillage or the battery wobbling during movement can be harmful to the engine and thus proving fatal while you are on the road.