Everybody is an organizer

When I came to the US in 2013, I had to wait a few months to get my work permit. And because I had free time, I socialized a lot and made new friends!

You would be surprised how fast a new comer can make friends in a welcoming city like Miami. Quickly, between colleagues, friends of friends, and neighbors, we built an exciting network of people to hang out with.

And as quickly as I discovered the charming people of my new city, I realized I spent hours sending messages to the one and the other. “Meeting with people” often starts with group discussions. And that’s fair! People like to give their opinion on a place and time. Or just make jokes! But it’s also fair to assume that text messages were not made to bring your friends together. What’s the easiest way to plan for anything? And by plan I mean, what are you really using to tell your friends that you want to meet somewhere? That how ushouldcome was born.

If we take a step back, meeting with people is really “decide” of a time, a place, and of course people you want to meet. It is not really a discussion. That’s why smart people invented tools like Google Calendar for instance. But in the same time, this type of tool are so impersonal that most of people prefer using the good old text message, or its derivatives. Yes, it’s way better to receive an invitation by text from our best friend than any other type of invitation. So how to solve this issue?

First, for those who are not convinced that inviting people can be painful, why do we all know these 2 or 3 people in our group of friends who always organize everything? These guys are heroes. Without them, most of the time we wouldn’t see our friends that much! At a time when everybody is ultra-connected to anything anytime, we start realizing that actually meeting with friends still needs organization. That’s funny how everybody is avoiding this word by the way. Try to ask a friend when was the last time he or she organized something. Even worse, try to add the word “event”. When was the last time you organized an event?

Me? I never organize any event.

We never “organize any event”, right. But what did you do the last time you brought your friends together? To have drinks, or anything? How many texts did you send to actually decide of a time and place? And what about the reminders? Because drinking a mojito alone is not as funny as it seems!

This is hard to know what people really need to make the process of inviting people easy. At ushouldcome, we strive to bring value to the “organizers”. And we would very much appreciate your help on that.

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