Why we’re switching Ulysses to Subscription
Max Seelemann

I´ve read almost all the responses, and it is sad that a big percentage express negative views. I had a similar reaction at first. I actually ran into a rabbit chase trying to find a replacement. The fact is I could not. I have still mixed feelings, because although I don´t want to accept it, I understand the need for recurring revenue to provide peace of mind as a developer. I´ve been there. I get it.

My negative feelings are based on two things: I could not find a replacement that suits my needs (and that gives in to frustration) and I also feel somehow locked it, because all of the effort and time I spent adding keywords to my notes and writings, and I cannot export that in any useable way or form.

As a former product manager, I adhere to the view expressed by others that you guys should have reached out to the customer base and asked for feedback. It´s never too late for anything Max; You (and the team) made a choice and now it is time to move on and make the best out of it. Realize now that by switching to a paid subscription model you have acquired much more responsibility and accountability towards your paid customers…

So if I could suggest ONE thing: from now on, publish a ROADMAP. get feedback. engage with your customer base. this could be your redemptive ticket.

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