Bitcoin: Cause of 50% Flash-Crash $6,500 to $3,200

My request to Bitcoin experts: Please stop predicting the moons & Lambos and Focus on Financials and Geopolitics. The current financial system is the most corrupt system in place and therefore most difficult to challenge. The crash we have seen so far (20K to 3.5K) was absolutely expected. This is Exactly how it was meant to be!!…and stop calling this “Market Cycle” in the hind-sight. If you did not see this coming in Dec-17 you don’t know the seriousness of this even today.

Bitcoin world is full of “coincidences” and most remain in denial. I am going to cover 3 “coincidences” that happened during the 50% Flash-crash of Nov 2018.

Doors of the Hell opened

Since Jul-2018 the Bitcoin volatility had reduced substantially. So much that it had become a stable coin. Experts and Visionaries were confident that $6,000 is The “final” bottom and soon we will start the journey to the moon: 50K by 2018 EOY, 1M by 2020 and so on. Experts were generous enough to cut down their EOY-2018 predictions from $25,000 — $50,000 to $15,000 — $10,000. You were told: Take-it-or-leave-it; this is your last chance to get aboard the “last” shuttle to the moon.

And, something snapped on Nov-14–2018. To everyone’s surprise, Bitcoin started another Flash-crash. The long held support of 6K was broken. Daily, Weekly, Monthly lines were broken. Now experts are looking for the next floor. Soon you will be offered another “last” chance to get on the Bitcoin train.

First, the Bingo — Magical 4K touchdown!

1) 11/19 — My Tweet on Bakkt & 4K
2) 11/20 — Bakkt tweet — Launch rescheduled
3) 11/20 — 4K touchdown

Emphasis: I am NOT claiming I predicted it. All I am saying is: You can anticipate the “moves” if you know how the “news” appear suddenly from nowhere “coincidentally-one-after-the-other” on the Wall Street when the flash-crashes are in progress.

Tree was shaken once again!!

Three coincidences happened during this Crash. 3 important news flashes very close to each other and BAM!!! Bitcoin crashed 40% in 5 days.

1] SEC-ICO Crackdown, 2] DOJ-Tether Probe continues (is this new? but it was published anyways) 3] BAKKT reschedules Launch because of “volume of interest”

The flash-crash is still in progress as you read it. $3,450 hit just today (Nov — 24–18)

This crash initiated in S.Korea

Korean Won (KRW) accounted for 60% of all Bitcoin traded volume on/before November 10th. The very next day (11th), it suddenly dropped all the way down to 0.90%! The markets dumped immediately afterward and lost 40%.

Do you think this was coincidental? This attack was planned long time back. Only idiots would believe this was an un-planned event (image Credit CryptoMedication @ProofofResearch)

The Sleepwalk

After 11 months of downward journey, many claim this is a “normal” bear market. No one asks why the Bitcoin crash started exactly from the evening of CME Futures launch on Dec-17–2017 and never stopped since then.

First they said —It’s the BCH launch on Coinbase 
Then it was — Sell-the-Futures-news
Then — OMG, it’s the South Korea Regulation
Then —Oh Sh**, Whales are manipulating
Then — Rats, Buffet’s Rat poison & Bill Gate’s doom
Then — BTFD, it’s MtGox selling
Now — Uh, Oh…BCH fork & the hash war

Thus, We started at BCH and have come full circle back to BCH. In the meantime, Bitcoin crashed 80% from 20K to 4K.

There has been ONLY ONE DIRECTION and It’s DOWN. So far we have achieved 80% Crash. 15% more to Go!! Can we get there? Time will answer all questions.

Experts claiming “Market Cycle” in the hind-sight

Experts are claiming: this is “Normal Bear Market Cycle” in the hind-sight. Please don’t. Provide me the list of handles that called this drop of 80% from the ATH. Every Tom, Dick and Lambo was confident of 50K to 1M in Dec-2017.

Puzzle for the Bitcoin Experts

Here is the most difficult Puzzle in the world: Find the reason why Bitcoin crashed since Dec-17–2017?

You have weeks, months and years to solve this puzzle (while Mastercard comes with Fractional Reserve Crypto Bank). Two charts below is your clue. GO!

Previous Flash-Crashes?

Here are first two flash-crashes with the topping of “coincidental-crowding-of-the-news” on the street.

The 3rd Dump started soon after Charlie Shrem’s following prediction.

Within 2 days, Bitcoin reversed its trajectory exactly at $9,990 when Warren Buffet came out with his Rat Poison comments. Few more “no-surprise-coincidental” news crowded and took the Bitcoin to 8K. Since then we have never seen 10K.

Finally, After 83% Drop Andreas Antonopoulos talked about “Global Banking Cartel”

It took 12 months and 83% of drop for people to accept the fact about the “Global Banking Cartel”. And during this time most missed the biggest opportunity of their life by denying the existence of the Cartel. Anyways, better late than never!

I was mocked for saying the same thing in Dec-2017. No wonder most got REKT!!

How will this end?

Yes, there is light at the end of the long tunnel. Do you want to know when and how this will end? — “This is not a prediction” Check Bitcoin: the 9 inning game.


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