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In September 2017 I managed to complete one more of my New Year’s resolutions, which I have open-sourced:

Attend a big international conference.

My colleague Hristo Eftimov and I decided to go on a trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona and attend the FullStack Fest 2017 — a week-long development conference with a focus on solving current problems with new & inspiring perspectives.

The motto of this year’s edition was:

Problems of today, wonders from the future!

… therefore, all talks were somehow related to the future wonders 👻

During the conference, there were many talks which I…

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TL;DR: See the checklist for highly maintainable and effective CSS Media Queries at the bottom! ✅

Writing CSS Media Queries is so easy! But writing them in maintainable and highly effective manner… ahhh, not so much!

I’ll share my experience, the things I’ve struggled with and some ideas I read about. The solutions and conclusions below led me to the magical moment where I feel happy with the media queries I write!

I hope you learn from those or disprove in the comments below :-)

Where to place them?

When I was a newbie, I remember writing all my media queries at the bottom…

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TL;DR: If you just want to see the final code snippet, with annotated comments, and learn from it — here is a GIST for you.

Using jQuery libraries in the React ecosystem is possible!

I will show you an approach how to do it. We will create a React component that manages the jQuery plugin.

You can use this approach to integrate almost any jQuery plugin!

Here’s the plan:

  • Use React lifecycle methods to initialize and teardown the jQuery plugin;
  • Use React props as plugin configuration options and hook up to plugin’s methods events;
  • Destroy the plugin when component unmounts.

Kaloyan Kosev

Front-end Architect Guest author at CSS-Tricks. Co-creator of

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