Dear Apple: Ads About Working Yourself To Death Are No Longer Cool
Drake Baer

Is it possible that we’re reading something into this that isn’t actually there? The premise that “Apple supports X” is faulty. Does HBO support the views of Dennis Miller just because he had a show? Or Bill Maher? Of course not — they may or may not, but the shows airing aren’t an endorsement or even encouragement of such views — It’s a reflection of reality and not necessarily a promotion of that reality. What is reality is that wrongly or rightly, the app-startup world is exactly like it’s depicted. Jason Fried notwithstanding — Basecamp is a notable exception that proves the rule. It doesn’t have to be this way, but with the competition for investment so fierce and the marketplace so saturated, if you want to win, there is a perception that you need to work harder than the other guy.

The quote: “ on the constant verge of death under late capitalism” is pretty ridiculous. Working in an office or at a computer screen for long hours isn’t anything remotely close to being on the verge of death. Look at early capitalism. Look at feudalism. Look at Marxism — those people knew what it was like to be on the “constant verge of death.” Writing code isn’t working in a Black Country coal mine in 19th century England. It isn’t working in a Soviet factory.

Sitting in some Bay Area office with cold drinks a few steps away, ubiqitous comfortable chairs, climate controlled workspaces, probably decent, healthy food options nearby — give me a break, “verge of death.” That statement is bordering on insulting to the actual lower working classes that struggle with real problems all over the world (regardless of economic system.) — they certainly aren’t starting in TV shows lamenting the difficulties of scaling server infrastructure or finding product-market fit.

That quote was written like a person who actually has no idea what life is like under non-capitalist systems. Compare working conditions in Venenzuela today with working conditions in the “evil” “late capitalist” California.

This is nonsense.

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