Smart Body Analyzer weight scale

This weight scale has an original price of $149.95 but they are offering you special discount which ranges from 10–20 percent in Amazon. Getting a high quality weight balance has never been so cheap. This scale has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 which is quite impressive. It has 3423+ customer reviews. Customers are quite satisfied with its performance and functionalities.

This stylish and functional weight scale comes with 2 different colors. Customer can choose his/her color betweenblack and white. This smart scale will not only help you to know your weight but also finds out how healthy your living environment is. You also can have full body monitoring, heart rate monitoring, pocket size coaching in it. . Its large platform of 12.8 inch x 12.8 inch is user friendly and easy to stand on. It has a slim design havening a thickness of 0.9 inches. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries . It is very user friendly. It can automatically upload your information in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

digital bathroom scale


  • Has 2 attractive colors.
  • Will help you to know your body weight along with the heart rate measuring, indoor air control monitoring.
  • Large platform of 12.8 inch x 12.8 inch is user friendly and easy to stand on.
  • Slim design havening a thickness of 0.9 inches.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Automatically upload your information in wifi and Bluetooth.


  • If you do not stand at the center of the platform the reading might not be accurate.
  • Temper glass might break if it’s dropped from high surface.

Using of this weight scale will help you to have a balance diet everyday and double your confidence. This will motivate you to stay in shape and live a healthy life. This Digital Weight scale can be your every day fitness tracking device. Be healthy, live healthy bring confidence in your daily activities.

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