What is the Ideal Way to Get Kuwait Attestation for Indian Documents?

Every year thousands of candidates from India apply for Kuwait visa, mainly for seeking employment and sponsoring immediate family members. To streamline the process of Kuwait visa attestation and for fraud prevention, the Embassy of Kuwait has devised a Kuwait Embassy attestation process for candidates with Indian origin certificates.

Why attestation is compulsory?

Attestation refers to the process by which certificates become legal, after being sealed and signed by the concerned authorities. The documents and its Xerox copies are produced before the authorities, who after validating it place their signature and seal on them. The Ministry of External Affairs is the sole body authorized for Kuwait certificate attestation in India. Certificate attestation for Kuwait is composed of educational, personal and commercial certificates respectively.

Certificate attestation for Kuwait procedure explained

Educational certificate attestation for Kuwait

• First, the certificates are subjected to HRD authentication from the state, where the certificates originated. For example, if your matriculation certificate is from UP, then the certificate will be sent to the HRD of the UP govt, for attestation.

• Ministry of External Affairs attestation.

• Kuwait Embassy attestation.

Personal certificate attestation for Kuwait

• The certificates are sent to the Home Department of the concerned state for attestation. If your birth certificate is from Delhi, then the birth certificate will be sent to the Home Department of Delhi.

• Attestation from MEA.

• In the end, attestation from Kuwait Embassy takes place.

Business certificate attestation for Kuwait

• The certificates are attested by the Chamber of Commerce. Eg — Certificate of Invoice, Income tax certificate.

• Next, there is MEA attestation.

• Finally, there is Kuwait Embassy attestation.

Advantages of using SEPL?

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