Amanda Cerny has joined the SuperBid Team

SuperBid is not slowing down and announces another star on board. Amanda Cerny has joined the team and reveals that one of her first auctions will be “meet n’ greet in Palm Beach.” This auction will be quite a treat for the celebrity’s fans.

But what does this collaboration mean for SuperBid?

Actress, model, and health and wellness enthusiast Amanda Cerny has over 45 million followers across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, earning the spot as one of the world’s top five most viewed Instagram story accounts. With over 1.3 million new followers a month on Instagram alone, Amanda is a top content creator on a mission to help people feel their best through compelling storytelling and high-quality videos. —

This recognition and reach will allow SuperBid to meet two primary goals. First, to build its brand among the celebrity community and Amanda’s fans, even before the app is released. It will have a definite impact on the expansion of SuperBid as a brand and the execution of global marketing campaigns.

Second, through this partnership, SuperBid has access to millions of followers of Amanda potentially interested in her auction, which may result in significant user growth when the app is launched.

This is one of the first big names, right after Logan Paul, to join SuperBid. Potential traditional investors can expect more surprises and high-profile names as SuperBid progresses on this track.

Building brand value and a user base before releasing a product is an unusual step and shows remarkable business maturity. It shows the potential and capabilities of the company, ensures a high-profile launch of the application, and marketing coverage for many months.