Logan Paul becomes SuperBid’s next Ambassador

SuperBid is more than thrilled to announce a partnership with one of the most recognized social media stars, Logan Paul. Logan has gathered 100M+ followers across his channels. The #superbidxlogan partnership is considered to be the biggest cooperation in the crypto-verse, and the beginning of a long term collaboration.

Logan’s career on social media began around 7 years ago, and throughout this time, he achieved 6B views on YouTube, 17M new views daily and 144M results on Google.

Logan Paul has been blazing a trail for crypto for several years through his own projects and investments. As one of the first influencers of his stature, he actively participates in the crypto market and educates his audience on the topic.

Collaboration with Logan Paul is the beginning of a revolutionary change that starts with SuperBid. This long-term partnership will help SuperBid redefine the crypto and influencer markets as a whole.

This announcement is the beginning of SuperBid’s international promotional campaign, as well as the announcement of more surprises to come. The creators of SuperBid are going beyond the standard itinerary of a normal crypto project. The first few months of development have given SuperBid an extremely solid foundation. Now it’s time for a series of campaigns and collaborations that will provide SuperBid with global recognition.

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