Success is not about defeating others but in changing yourself.

Story #1

A man asks a farmer: “Did you grow any wheat yet?” The farmer answers: “No, I am worried there will be drought.” The man asks: “Did you grow any cotton?” The farmer answers: “No, I am worried the insects will devour my cotton.” The man asks: “Then what did you grow?” The farmer answers: “I have not grown anything, just to be safe and secure.”

Lesson: An underachieved life is a natural outcome of a man who takes no risk.

Story #2

There are two noodle stands (noodle stand A and B) in the night market and they are situated next to one another. A year later, noodle stand A’s owner bought a house, while noodle stand B’s owner is still struggling to pay off his mortgage. Turns out that even though both owners make excellent noodles, noodle stand A’s owner cools down his noodles in cold water to the right temperature before serving his customer while noodle stand B’s customers take more than 15 minutes to finish his overly hot noodles.

Lesson: Save your customers’ time and money will flow in quickly. To manage something, you must measure it.

Story #3

A Zen monk saw a scorpion fell into the water and decided to save it. Upon touching the scorpion, the monk’s fingers got stung and retreated. The monk reached out and got stung again. Bystanders said to the monk: “This thing keeps stinging you, why save it?” The monk answered: “It’s scorpion’s nature to sting, and it’s in my nature to help others. Why should I give up my nature because of the scorpion?”

Lesson: Our mistake lies in that we let the world change too much of our true nature.

Story #4

In a household there were four sons. Growing up they witnessed their father and mother fought incessantly. Their mother was always bruised up as a result. The oldest son thought to himself: “I must treat my future wife better than my dad treats mom.” The second son thought: “Marriage is meaningless. I will not get married when I grow up.” The youngest son thought: “A man can actually treat a woman this way and get away with it.”

Lesson: Even under the same environment, having a different mindset can produce different results in life.

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