A Few More (Design) Details…

This post originally published at bryn.io on November 30, 2014.

As many of you have heard, my pal Brian and I are starting a podcast. Our plan is to take the concept of his awesome Design Details blog and bring it full circle by talking to the designers and developers behind some of our favorite products. We’re calling it… The Design Details Podcast (original, right?)

We plan to keep the conversation pretty casual. These won’t be structured interviews and they won’t be rigid or formal. One of the best parts of being in San Francisco is that people are remarkably open to discussing their lives, thoughts, and opinions. Those are the things that both directly and indirectly lead to the kind of thinking that creates a great product. It’s not just about their processes — though we’ll probably discuss those on some level — we want to focus on the people and what makes them tick.

We’re incredibly excited about the roster of designers who have agreed to sit down and talk to us. Many of them we’ve followed and looked up to for years — people like Tim Van Damme, Paul Stamatiou, Wilson Miner, and Sam Soffes. Others, we’ve only become acquainted with recently, but have immediately become inspired by their work or had great conversations about the state of the industry, design, and more — these include Kristy Tillman, Sahil Lavingia, Gabriel Valdivia, and Marshall Bock among others.

We’re starting to record this week and planning to release episodes on a weekly basis with a different guest (or group of guests). 24 of our favorite designers and general tech-thinkers have agreed to join us at some point in our first 6 months and we’ve begun reaching out to guests for months 7–12.

Brian and I have had a great response to this project and we’ve been lucky enough to have over a thousand people subscribe to our mailing list already. We’re extremely excited to share these conversations with you starting in January starting with our favorite designer/developer/whiskey aficionado triple-threat: Sam Soffes.

Until then, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter and you can sign up for the mailing list at designdetails.fm.

See you in 2015.

full-stack flapjack @github // ex-ceo @withspectrum

full-stack flapjack @github // ex-ceo @withspectrum