Casting Ain’t Easy

This post originally published at on January 05, 2015.


We actually made it to January 5th and there’s a real live episode of the Design Details Podcast up that people can actually listen to.

This episode was the second take of this conversation. Sam was gracious enough to let us take up about 4 hours of his time for 1 hour of audio in order to help us get a better show out to everyone and I can’t thank him enough. He was open with us and shared his experience in a way that not many would have. Brian was also great to work with through this whole process — adding a significant analytical counterpoint to my own opinionated, more personal leanings. Plus, we even got a really great intro/outro track from Hoodie Allen.

That said, this show was a definite learning experience. I haven’t done much recording since I sold all of my recording equipment to help fund my wedding back in 2011 and I had to completely reintroduce myself to microphone placement and mastering. This episode took the brunt of my “learning process”. It’s compressed as hell, we edited a lot for content (a mistake that made it a little jumpy), and we each held our microphone a different way. Mine was against my nose making my voice sound even more nasal, Brian’s (probably the best) was about 3 inches away but his gain was turned way down, and Sam’s hovered about 10 inches from his face and his gain was cranked up so it picked up every sound in the room.

We learned a lot about how to ask a question for a recording by making some pretty tough mistakes here too. I cringe every time I hear myself trail off on a question or mention a mutual friend or co-worker without giving the listener any context.

With all that said, I’m super proud of this episode. For all of its awkwardness and growing pains, it’s kind of remarkable to me that we’ve had over 1,000 listens to our teaser episode and almost 1,500 people have signed up for a mailing list for something that started with a “Hey, we should make a podcast.” Twitter DM a little over a month ago.

Podcasting isn’t easy… yet.