Podcasting: The Basics (v2)

I want to make a podcast. Where do I start?


Know your audience

  1. If it had been just us talking about our own experiences in design instead of interviewing prominent designers/engineers, it probably would’ve failed.
  2. If we hadn’t chosen to invest in sound quality, I think it likely would’ve failed.
  3. If we hadn’t booked the initial guests in advance, I think it likely would’ve failed.
  4. If we hadn’t booked prominent guests at the start, I think it likely would’ve failed.

Play to Your Strengths

  1. The popularity of the Design Details blog
  2. The fact that we live in San Francisco

Plan Ahead









Mic Technique



  1. Make a schedule.
  2. Stick to it.
  3. Triple the amount of time that you think it takes to edit.


That’s it.




full-stack flapjack @github // ex-ceo @withspectrum

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Bryn Jackson

Bryn Jackson

full-stack flapjack @github // ex-ceo @withspectrum

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