The castaway “The secreter diary of a millennial”— Prologue

Since he was young, they always teach him not to lie because it was the right thing to do, despite his parents were lying at the same time as they were saying those words.

While growing up, he understands how the lies are something that is necessary for the human being not only to protect themselves but also because they need to hear lies to live better with themselves and the others.

As time went by, every time he tried to do the right thing, trying to help someone, he was rejected like a witch and was accused of lying.

So he found himself like a castaway far from everything and everyone against his will. A castaway left alone on a deserted island trying to escape from that damned place and go home but sometimes he watches the horizon and the sunset on the sea and he think maybe that’s his place and he is fine there. A castaway who has been on this island for too long and has lost the hope of returning home, where his days are filled with mood swings between hope and madness.

So he decides to write a secret daily diary, just like a teenager of a time, where he can outline all his thoughts, all his worries, and he can throw his anger toward a world that he thinks is wrong. He hides the diary every night after writing, under the bed, hoping no one will find it, read those words and judging him wrong.

So why publish it? Why share it on a platform like Internet where everyone can read it, where most people are full of hate and are ready to judge and where the lies are one of the constitutional laws of this program?

Because he wants that this secret diary, like a bottle message shipped from his desolate island, arrives to someone across the sea, to a lady going home from work throw the underground or a guy on the couch on a Sunday afternoon while sips a cup of tea and make them reflect on how, in the end, we are all castaways although surrounded by skyscrapers and people.

So I will sit here every Sunday at sunset, between the palm tree and my hut, and I will write a story on why we are a world of castaways, although we are surround by people separate by oceans.

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