Fixing Pokémon Go’s Transfer UX Problem

We love Pokémon Go! It’s a fun, innovative and great game. But transferring a Pokémon to Professor Willow sucks!

You transfer a Pokémon to get candy. This candy you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. The problem with transferring is that it is very time-consuming. You have to go to the view with the details of the Pokémon, press the menu button, then press the Transfer button and then press “Yes” on the “Are you sure”-dialog. If you want to transfer 30 different Pokémon, this process sure is very time-consuming.

The 1. August 2016 they tried to fix it with a new app-update, but they didn’t quite managed to fix it in our opinion. So now we are taking actions in to our own hands and proposing a fix!

Niantic’s lasted update for Pokémon Go redesigned the Transfer feature to look like this:

As you can see it takes 3 presses before you call the action to transfer.

So we wanted to improve on this feature, and started out trying to redesign and rearrange the ‘Transfer’ button.

So we came up with 3 solutions on how this could be done.

Draft 1

We removed the ‘favorite’ icon and instead added a ‘transfer’ icon. First we thought it was a great and easy fix, but thinking about replacing a action with another one in the same spot, this could create a lot problems with users already using this button to favorite. So this is a no-go.

Draft 2

The Floating Action Button before just opened a money that showed the ‘favorite’ and ‘transfer’ action. Why have two ‘favorite’ actions on the same view? Well, so we removed the opening of a menu, and made this button to just do the transfer. The problem though with using a FAB to do the transfer action only, is that transferring a Pokémon isn’t the primary action, or an action that is should be promoted per se. So this draft is a no-go too.

Draft 3

Boom! We like this solution. The ‘transfer’ button is grouped in with the other buttons and we colored it red, to show it’s a danger action — since it’s doing something presumably dangerous to make your cute Pokémon into candy.

This looks a lot like Pokémon Go v 1. but we moved the button higher up and colored it red. So now you don’t have to scroll down and can spot it.

All of the screens use the confirmation-dialog to make sure the users really want to do that to their cute Pokémon.

Okay dokie, above we came up with a great solution, but we wanted to make it even better and faster. So we came up with a second draft.

Now you can long-press on a Pokémon to select which ones you want to transfer. You can select one, or multiple. When selecting one it gets a red blur behind it and a transfer-icon added next to it. After selecting one or more a button at the bottom of the screen pops up, and you can now transfer them all by clicking on it. Simple, faster and easier.

Server-wise handling a big transfer bundle instead of just one transfer at a time, can be a bit more difficult and heavy on the servers, but you can add a limit to transfer at max. 10 at a time if this is a problem. So we think our solution is do-able. So let’s get to it Niantic!

Adding better user-experiences in a already published app isn’t easy, and especially in a game that already has a lot of special UX cases — Fx. go back by pressing on the bottom floating center button, redundant ‘favorite’ action, floating action button as a sort button on the Pokémon overview view and no introduction or app tour what so ever. So if you guys have an idea on how to make it even better, let us know! We love to learn and get feedback! :)

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