Last locked countries to be freed

The very last 37 out of 256 countries will be unlocked in the coming days


SuperCountries was launched on June 2018. At the beginning, there was about 50 unlocked countries to purchase out of 256. Since then, new countries are unlocked almost every day either as new never bought countries or as gifts for contests winners. The last 37 nations will be unlocked in the coming days.

Don’t miss them to get dividends for life! Remember that with SuperCountries, each player who buys at least one country earns lifetime dividends.

There will be no more countries.

How will be unlocked the last 37 countries?

  • 4 or 5 countries as Trophies: the United Kingdom, South Korea and the United States are reserved for trophy winners. Trophies are a new kind of contest for our best players. 1 (or 2) additional trophy (trophies) to come. See details on your dashboard.
  • 4 countries for The Magic 4 Contest — Buy 4 Get 5: in this new contest, the first 4 players who buy 4 countries on the same day gets a new unlocked country for free. This contest runs as long as there are enough countries to win for the first 4. See details on your dashboard.
  • Up to 7 countries for the Referrer Challenge: first players to refer 5 new players will get new countries and ether rewards. See details on your dashboard.
  • 3 or 4 countries for new contests to come: more details soon.
  • 5 countries on a special unlock day. Check our announcements on Twitter.
  • Remaining countries will be unlocked every day as before. If the gas price is friendly, there will be 2 or 3 unlocked countries every day. These countries will appear on your dashboard set with a random price, a grey color and SuperCountries as nickname. The number will be depending on how many countries will be won.

Can some countries be never unlocked?

No. If needed, some contests (referrer challenge, magic 4) will be disabled. However, reserved countries for Trophies can be locked for longer. These countries will be unlocked only as prizes. If these countries are not won for a long time, there will be eventually a new kind of contest.


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