SuperCountries, the first cryptogame with lifetime Ethereum rewards

For each player, even if they leave


Play the first blockchain cryptogame with lifetime Ethereum rewards for everyone.

Anyone who plays SuperCountries will get Ether forever, even if they leave the game or have only played once, as long as the game goes on.

This is a simple but strategic game where players conquer the world trading virtual countries using a cryptocurrency named Ether.

Like in some games, you can make a profit when you sell your countries. But the most awesome part of SuperCountries is that you become automatically qualified for lifetime Ether just after entering the game!

Yes, once you have bought a country, you will be rewarded for life by getting all kinds of dividends, bonuses and regular jackpots. There are 6 ways to earn Ether (+ 11 new ways coming soon).

This impressive mechanics is ruled automatically by a Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Play here:

How To Play?


To play SuperCountries, you will need to install the MetaMask Browser Extension for your browser. This will allow you to execute in-browser purchases using Ether, the Ethereum Network cryptocurrency. Next, you will need to purchase Ether and transfer it to your MetaMask crypto wallet. A popular place to purchase Ether (instantly) is at Coinbase or Kraken.

All players will get lifetime dividends


Get rewards by conquering countries on the map. As told above, every player will get lifetime rewards. To become a player, all you need is to own (or have owned) at least one country. No matter the price, no matter if you sell it right after. So first, pick a country in the marketplace to be immediately qualified for eternal dividends and rewards.

Got your first country?

  • After every buy, the price automatically increases. If someone else wants to conquer the same country, they can take it away from you by paying up to double the price that you paid. You will then lose the ownership of that country, but you will receive your profit in Ether automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet.
  • From now, you are also qualified for lifetime rewards, even if you sell all your countries. You will get dividends proportionally to your current and past purchases, get bonuses when inviting friends and maybe win the regular jackpot. And of course, the more you play, the higher your rewards.

Fun advertising

this game is mostly made to have fun and dominate the world with your color and your name. Use the game as an advertising space for your brand, website, youtube channel or referral links. If you own a country, you own an advertising space and a color. Your nickname, which you can modify, appears on it and if your nickname contains an url, people can click on it. Your nickname (and color) is displayed multiple times : on the map, on the list of countries and for some players on the leaderboard of the top 10 current owners and all dashboards.


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The first cryptogame with lifetime Ethereum rewards for each player, even if they leave.

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