Assessment Culture

By Arkın Kora


SuperCV measures individual talent and will soon match it with job ads. We can create substantial business value with this method, and this is only the starting point. By accurately and scientifically measuring talent, we can first prove and then improve it, while helping people that are either highly qualified or perhaps less so. There is a tremendous amount of social value in doing this. For example, we can adequately and equally help a “super” genius or a wheelchair-bound individual find a suitable company and a satisfying, rewarding full-time job.

Promoting a Culture of Assessment & Self-Discovery

A critical part of SuperCV’s business is assessing and measuring talent. Because this is our business, not only should we assess others, we should first assess ourselves. By doing so, we are modeling the need to accept, value, and promote our own culture of assessment science. Using our assessments to measure skills, abilities, personality characteristics, competencies, and other key areas, and then sharing the results across the business should be a regular behavior.

I would like to use myself as a good example of promoting our assessment science culture. I frequently and proudly state that as someone over the age of 40, after taking our assessments, discovered that I scored very high in a particular personality characteristic, openness and artistic. Up to this point in time, I had always believed that I had no artistic talent or ability, and as such, expected that the “artistic side” (score) based on my assessment results would be zero. However, I quickly learned that this was not the case. Further, even though my artistic “output” has historically been very minimal, things are different for my “input,” meaning, in one sense, that I greatly appreciate art. For me, this was an important life and self-discovery.

Sharing Assessment Results and Self-Insights

Please feel free to take any and all of SuperCV’s assessments, and we encourage you to share your results with us, your colleagues, your friends, and family. It will provide you with valuable self-insights, allow you to become a more complete person, and enable you to more fully enrich your relationships.

On the other hand, what may happen if you choose not to share your assessment results and/or self-insights? People close to us often know us better than we know ourselves, and they approve and accept us just as we are. Imagine learning that a close friend scores high on neuroticism, after taking one of our assessments. If we truly care about this friend and accept him as he is, the information would not impact the friendship at all, but would bring to light an important issue that exists and allow us to intervene, provide support, and take any necessary precautions.

We, as individuals, often hide our personal self-insights, ones that may have been obtained via assessment results or elsewhere, from only those people who do not really know or care about us. However, ironically, the people that love and care for us and know us best already know more about us than we are willing to admit; sometimes even more so than we know ourselves.

Self-Insight in the Workplace and Beyond

If you are currently part of a workplace, team, or job that does not encourage self-exploration and self-discovery to prove and improve your talents, you may want to consider looking for a new job. Come to, and we will help. Your current work environment may be uncaring, unsupportive, and in some cases even hostile. As a CEO I can tell you from experience that self-aware employees who focus on personal and professional development are a gift to their employers. Their great attitude and desire to continually develop their skills, competencies, and self-insights will always be valued and trusted to do well in their jobs, within teams, across departments, and for the company.

I am proud of what SuperCV does and of the services we provide, whether it results in personal self-discovery, matching the “super” genius or less-than-fortunate individual to their dream job, or, in a most extreme case, preventing the suicide of a hopeless, unemployed jobseeker or friend. With your continued involvement, I hope you will become proud, too, to be a part of this worthwhile endeavor.

In summary, not taking our assessments that will provide you with important insights into yourself as a person and an employee, is akin to living in the dark — people who do not know you or do not care about you will never be able to ever truly “see” you. Don’t live in the dark any longer. Instead, take SuperCV’s assessments, become self-aware, share your results, and step into the light.

Edited by Jon Levine (18-Oct, 10:30am)